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EOLDN's Partnerships Direct Help to Election Officials

November 2023

Spotlighting Our Vital Partnership with 'We the Action'

Election officials across the country continue to request support from the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN), a project of The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR), as they face ongoing threats, intimidation, and a deluge of misinformation.

This month, we highlight one of our crucial partners, We The Action, a reliable and integral resource for EOLDN for the past two years. We The Action’s mission is to harness the power and desire of lawyers to do good; it collaborates with nonprofits to direct legal help to worthy projects.

We The Action’s laser focus on connection is similar, and critical, to EOLDN’s mission of connecting attorneys with election officials who need help. As a nonprofit partner, EOLDN can reach thousands of interested attorneys via the We The Action project platform and target outreach to attorneys whose experience, location, and bar memberships make them suitable for a particular request from an election official. EOLDN has received over 100 sign-ups from volunteer attorneys through We The Action’s platform, a number certain to increase as we approach the 2024 election cycle.

EOLDN thanks We The Action for standing with us to protect election officials. When attorneys can easily connect with opportunities to do good, organizations working to protect democracy benefit. We are grateful for all of the partners who work with us to support election officials.

Help us grow our audience and stand with election officials: Encourage your colleagues, election officials, and contacts to subscribe to our newsletter, at eoldn.org/subscribe.

Join an EOLDN Webinar

Michigan election workers, as well as others who are interested, are invited to join EOLDN leadership and Michigan election officials for a webinar about threats to election officials and how EOLDN can help.

Date: Tuesday, November 28, 12 pm ET

EOLDN is planning a series of state-specific webinars. If you’re interested in arranging one for your state, contact us!

Missed Our California Webinar?

View the recording of last month’s EOLDN webinar with California election officials, Natalie Adona, Tommy Gong, and Dean Logan.

What is EOLDN?

The Election Official Legal Defense Network is the brainchild of former Presidential Commission on Election Administration co-chairs Bob Bauer and Ben Ginsberg. David Becker, Executive Director of CEIR and an elections expert, leads EOLDN. 

EOLDN offers two services in support of election officials:

Pro Bono Legal Assistance: This service matches experienced pro bono attorneys with election officials who have been harassed and intimidated for simply doing their jobs of running fair elections.

Free Communications Assistance: This service matches election offices with free communications assistance to combat mis-, dis-, and mal-information about elections in their communities, educate voters, and provide general strategy support.

Share Resources with EOs 

Please forward this message to your contacts and take a look at our digital toolkit that makes it easy to share information about our free, safe, and nonpartisan legal and communications services.

Election Officials, Request Help

Click here to request legal or communications assistance on our website, eoldn.org or contact us via email at help@eoldn.org or phone at 1-877-313-5210 anytime.

Click here for EOLDN Terms and Conditions. If you believe you’re eligible to receive help from EOLDN and are interested in requesting assistance from a pro bono attorney or communications professional, we encourage you to get in touch.

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Attorneys, Join Our Network of Lawyers

Please forward this message to attorney contacts, so EOLDN is prepared for 2024 and beyond. We need all types of attorneys, as election officials can experience a wide variety of legal issues stemming from their duties, and many simply need general guidance. Learn about joining the network as a pro bono attorney, or as a law firm, here

Interested in helping us recruit other attorneys or firms into the network? We have information to help you present EOLDN to other lawyers. Please email outreach@eoldn.org for more information.