Frequently Asked Questions


The Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN) matches election officials in need of legal help as a result of their official duties with licensed attorneys who are willing to provide legal services on a pro bono basis. EOLDN is a project of the nonpartisan, nonprofit Center for Election Innovation & Research.
Election officials  are facing an increasing wave of state laws subjecting them to criminal penalties for performing their professional duties, while at the same time facing threats of violence to themselves and their families. EOLDN was created to help fight off these attacks and ensure election officials know they are not alone. EOLDN also strives to inform the public about these issues.
You can contact EOLDN by calling our hotline at (877) 313-5210 or by sending an email to

Requesting Help

EOLDN’s matching services are available to all current and former U.S. election officials, including election administrators and poll workers, regardless of political affiliation.
EOLDN matches election officials with lawyers to assist officials with addressing issues related to their work on elections or election administration. This includes any efforts to undermine officials’ job duties or to threaten or harass officials.
Election officials in need of legal assistance should complete EOLDN’s short Request Form. The form asks for some information about you and the nature of your request, which helps us match you with a lawyer in the Network. Completing the form should only take about 5-10 minutes. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at
You will receive a confirmation email that EOLDN has your request. In that email, we also will ask you to indicate when you’re available for an initial meeting with an EOLDN-matched attorney.
To best serve you, we ask you to respond as soon as possible to our emails and/or calls during the lawyer matching process. If EOLDN is unable to get in touch with you within 15 business days, we will notify you that you request will be marked “inactive” and EOLDN will no longer attempt to contact you. You can always reactivate your request by contacting EOLDN or submitting another request form.
If you are ineligible for EOLDN’s matching services, we encourage you to contact your local legal services program or bar association, or visit or for more information about available resources.

Pro Bono Attorneys & Other Volunteers

We are currently recruiting licensed attorneys as volunteers (attorneys must adhere to the Rules for Participating Lawyers). Interested attorneys are encouraged to complete our attorney sign up form.
We anticipate having additional volunteer opportunities in the future. If you are a non-practicing or retired lawyer, paralegal, or law student, or you are interested in helping in another way, please fill out this volunteer form.
Yes, any attorney interested in providing pro bono services with EOLDN must carry professional liability insurance in an amount not less than $250,000 per claim/$500,000 aggregate.
No, all participating lawyers must meet EOLDN’s insurance requirement. However, we are exploring ways we may be able to help attorneys meet this requirement. In the meantime, we still encourage you to complete our attorney sign up form. If any changes are made to EOLDN’s requirement, or we identify a way to help you acquire supplemental insurance, we will notify you.
EOLDN requires participating lawyers to be engaged either full or part time in the private practice of law as their primary occupation. EOLDN defers to the lawyer’s assessment of their own situation to determine whether they are engaged in the practice of law consistent with our requirement.

Support EOLDN

The Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN) is a project of the nonpartisan, nonprofit Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR). CEIR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 81-3815137) that works to restore trust in the American election system and promote election procedures that encourage participation while ensuring election integrity and security. If you would like to support CEIR’s work, including EOLDN, please visit our donations page at