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Chris Anderson, a decorated combat veteran and law enforcement officer, was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis as the Supervisor of Elections for Seminole County in January 2019. With a remarkable career serving his country and community, Anderson has received accolades such as an Army Accommodation medal for his service in Operation Enduring Freedom Army Achievement medal for leadership, and an exceptional service medal in law enforcement.

In a historic moment, Chris Anderson became the first African-American Constitutional Officer in Seminole County when he was elected to office in 2020. Anderson’s dedication to his role as Supervisor of Elections is evident in his pursuit of excellence. He is the first Supervisor of Elections in Seminole County to graduate with his Master Florida Certification in elections administration from the prestigious Florida Certified Election Professionals Program (MFCEP) facilitated by Florida State University. He has also completed the esteemed Harvard John F. Kennedy School Strategy Execution for Public Leadership program. As Supervisor of Elections, Chris Anderson oversees all election activities in the county, ensuring the smooth management of municipal, county, state, and national elections. Anderson is also committed to preventing voting fraud activities and facilitating the qualification of county-wide candidates for office.

Under Chris Anderson’s leadership, Seminole County Elections is an award-winning office whose mission has been redefined as “Ensuring Your Choice Counts.” This new mission emphasizes the importance of fair and equitable elections for all citizens of Seminole County, regardless of their political affiliation or background.

Anderson’s journey is one of resilience and triumph over adversity. Despite a challenging upbringing, he attributes his success to his Christian faith and the support of others. Raised by a single father battling internal demons, Anderson often lived without necessities. However, his beloved grandmother, Ida, assisted when his father could not. Determined to overcome his circumstances, Anderson enlisted in the United States Army, where he was in basic training during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He served in Afghanistan, supplying munitions and fuel to Apache Attack helicopters, oversaw security details, and provided armed escorts for locals supporting the Bagram airfield. His military service instilled a sense of duty and dedication to his country.

On a personal level, Anderson cherishes his family. He met his wife, Ebony, in high school, and they have been together for 22 years. They have three children: a son, C.J., and two daughters, Christiana and Christian. Anderson holds a degree in criminal justice from Columbia College and is a licensed pilot. When he is not fulfilling his responsibilities at the Supervisor of Elections office, he enjoys spending quality time with his family at the beach and reading books on leadership. As a member of the Church of Christ, Anderson remains grounded in his faith and strives to inspire others, particularly young people, to overcome their adversities.