Anderson is a former Unites States soldier and combat veteran who served his country by deploying to Afghanistan in 2002, not long after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

After a lengthy career serving his country, Anderson continued his service to his community as a law enforcement professional for more than a decade.

Chris Anderson was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis as the new Supervisor of Elections for Seminole County. The appointment began January 18, 2019.

In this role, Anderson is responsible for overseeing all election activities for the county, including managing all municipal, county, state and national elections in Seminole County; preventing voting fraud activities and facilitating qualifying of county-wide candidates for office.

Very quickly, Anderson transformed the mission of the office to working to “Ensure Your Choice Counts.” This new mission focuses on providing fair and equitable elections for all of the citizens of Seminole County, regardless of their party and background.

Anderson is the first African American Constitutional Officer in Seminole County history. Anderson is also the only Constitutional Officer to work at multiple county offices. He served the citizens of Seminole County as a Deputy Sheriff and Background Investigator with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and he is a certified truth Verification Examiner. This followed serving in law enforcement roles for the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office and the Apopka Police Department.

Growing up, there was every reason why Anderson should have been in the back seat of a police car, rather than in the front seat. He attributes the difference to his faith, and often shares his story to inspire others – especially young people – to help them overcome their adversities.

Anderson was raised by a single father, who had to fight numerous internal demons while trying to raise a son on his own. He died in 2003 of AIDS.

Despite his father’s best efforts, they often lived without essentials such as running water and electricity due to unpaid bills. Anderson vividly remembers doing homework by candlelight and going to bed hungry.

Chris was able to overcome his adversities with the help of many others, such as his beloved grandmother Ida. They stepped in to help when his father was no longer able to.

Anderson persevered and, after finishing high school, he enlisted in the United States Army less than two months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He was deployed to Afghanistan and oversaw security details focused on clearing the forward operating Bagram airfield and providing armed escorts for Afghanistan locals providing services to the base.

Personally, Anderson is focused on his family. He met his wife, Ebony, in 9th grade and has been married to her for 20 years. He is the father of one son, C.J., and two daughters, Christiana and Christian. He graduated from Columbia College with a degree in criminal justice and is a licensed pilot. He is a member of the Church of Christ and enjoys spending time with his family at the beach and reading books on leadership when he is not at the Supervisor of Elections’ office.