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Defending reputations, preserving accuracy: Why EOLDN provides communications support

May 20, 2024

In September 2021, the nonpartisan Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) responded to a troubling rise in threats and harassment aimed at election officials by launching the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN). The new service connected election administrators in need of legal advice or assistance with licensed pro bono attorneys.

In September 2022, after evaluating the additional needs of election workers under threat, a service was added to help election officials combat the complex communications problems that often accompany the matters driving them to contact EOLDN for legal help. 

In the same way officials can be matched with qualified pro bono attorneys, EOLDN can now connect officials with veteran PR professionals to craft better narratives and guide their communications efforts. 

EOLDN’s communications support is available to current US election officials regardless of political affiliation. 

To be eligible, election officials either must be a recognized governmental election authority or act under the supervision of a recognized governmental election authority. Anyone acting under the supervision of a political party (e.g., a partisan poll watcher) is not eligible.

EOLDN helps election officials address issues related to elections or election administration on behalf of their office or agency. Communications support could include ongoing communication strategy support during an election; message development to respond to misinformation or an attack on election integrity; or rapid response and media relations.  

For more information, or to request help, visit the EOLDN communications support page.

On June 13, 2024, join EOLDN and the communications specialists at CGCN for a webinar to learn how to handle and maximize media opportunities. Register by clicking the button below.